I’m Daniel Salinas Córdova.

I’m a freelance writer, researcher, translator and Spanish tutor from Mexico based in the UK. I am passionate about communication, languages, heritage and culture. I’m here to help you to better communicate with others and get your message across, be it by writing, copyediting, translating or teaching Spanish.

I have a BA in History from Mexico’s National Autonomous University and a RMA in Archaeology and Heritage from Leiden University. I have more than 12 years of experiences working in communication, research, editorial and teaching positions and projects in Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and other countries, working with institutions such as UNESCO, Historic England, Leiden University, the Mexican National Centre For Evaluation For Higher Education (CENEVAL), and more.

In my own work and research I’m interested in exploring the relationships between heritage, nationalism and tourism, as well as the illicit traffic of archaeological artifacts and cultural restitution. I also have a great interest in the uses and representations of the past, museums, social media, volunteering and collaboration. I have written and published about these topics both in peer reviewed journals as well as in magazines and online media platforms.

Additionally, I have a blog in Spanish and one in English. If you want to learn more about me you can also check out my social media.